Precious Mineral

According to NGSA (2011), the Nigerian gold ores has more than 50 distribution sites in the country; the vast majority of gold ores are located in the alluvial regions, especially in the river basin basement complex schist belt surface. The area is expansive and it is estimated that in the Niger River northwest may form a big gold ores field. Because of tectonic action, outcropped in Nigeria gneissic metamorphic sedimentary rocks are distributed in Niger southern and northern sides, and the Niger River course change is very obvious, so in the above areas a large number of ancient channel sand gold ores were formed.

Ejieba mining diggings is located in the northwest part of the Niger River valley in Kogi state where is very rich in gold resource. Our company owns a gold prospecting right with large scale area. The main metallogenic types are silicified rock gold mines and gravel mines; African jungle landscape shaped the region with relatively flat terrain. Three ore bodies have been found, including a silicide ore body whose average thickness and length is 2.8 m and 2.3 km respectively, and the average grade of gold is 11.9 g/ton. According to the local geological engineer's introduction, the gold mines in the ancient river are about 12 km long with average width of about 120 m.

Besides the Ejieba mining project, China Polaris is conducting exploration in many other promising regions in Nigeria