China Polaris's Tantalum-niobium Project in Nigeria is going smoothly 


Date:2014/9/4 15:10:30



May 13th, 2014
In May, 2014, Zhang Wendong, president of China Polaris, visited Nigeria to inspect the first phase of the construction work of its Tantalum-Niobium ore project, accompanied by the vice president and chief engineer etc.
China Polaris started the construction work near Abuja, captain of Nigeria, in October, 2013. After arriving at the project site, Mr Zhang sent cordial greetings to on-site staffs. Exploration engineer, mining engineer and the project leader reported their jobs to Mr Zhang in turn.
Mr Zhang stressed that we need show our friendship when working in Nigeria through the following ways: firstly, we should comply with the local laws and respect the customs; secondly, we need provide assistance to the local people as much as we could to benefit them; thirdly, we need strengthen our awareness of safety and environmental protection.
The project leader said, 'the management and staff of China Polaris had been trained on relevant laws and customs before coming to Nigeria. During the work period, we found that there was a lack of drinking water for local residents. Therefore, we drilled a well to solve this problem. In addition, all the construction work were conducted subject to the provisions of safety management. We also tried to develop a training program for Nigerian workers to promote the development the local economic.'
Mr Zhang also visited local residents and presented some gifts, such as clothing, stationery, toys and so on.