China Polaris Obtained its First Mining License in Nigeria


Date:2014/9/4 15:10:04



Oct 20th, 2013
In October, 2013,China Polaris obtained its first Mining License in Nigeria, issued by Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office, which marked the accelerating state of its investment in Nigeria.
In the end of 2013, China Polaris appointed a geological engineering team to carry out geological exploration in Nigeria. Conditions were extremely hard for exploration, while our team showed no fear and kept forward to achieve the target.
The captain said, "machines were more susceptible to the bad condition. Unable to replace the damaged machine timely would significantly impact the process of the project." In order to avoid this situation, we equipped our team with two more sets of drilling equipment, which guaranteed that the team could carry out the exploration work smoothly and complete exploration mission timely. Meanwhile, we would recruit more multi-skilled members for the team so that they could repair the damaged machine all by themselves.
At present, our team conducts the measurement, sampling, testing and drilling orderly and is going to get good results in the near future.