Culture and Mission

Core Values: Pioneering, Pragmatism, Unity, Dedication

 Being Pioneering

Pioneering is the base of innovation and the inexhaustible power of China Polaris. We would carry forward this spirit and encourage our employees to be pioneering and indomitable. With this spirit, we will seize the initiative in the rapidly changing economic environment.

 Being Pragmatic and Modest

We hope our employees to be pragmatic and down-to-earth. Being pragmatic would help us build a comprehensive understanding of the true state of economic environment at home and abroad to make right decisions and take actions, through which we can realize our target.

 Being United and Harmonious

Internal unity is the guarantee of the sustainable development of enterprises, while harmonious atmosphere can provide a good environment for employees to create greater values. We advocate harmonious relationships and strengthen enterprise cohesion, and believe that unity and harmony could promote a sound and rapid development of our company.

 Being Appreciated, Patriotic and Dedicated

Being appreciated is the traditional virtue of the Chinese Nation, while dedication is the way for a company to contribute the society. Apart from benefiting our employees and shareholders, we also take social responsibility initiatively and make due contribution to the progress of society.

 Business Philosophy: Based on mining, thinking globally

China Polaris focuses its business on energy and mineral development, and resource development as the investment theme in the future. We would also speed the international resource allocation and look for foreign investment opportunities and partners, as well as improve the management level and technology. Our mission is to become a large multinational company specialized in mineral development and investment.

 Our Vision and Mission

In accordance with the spirit of "People-oriented "and "Pioneering and innovation", we devote ourselves to create more benefit for the society, employees, shareholders and the other related parties. Seizing the great opportunity of global economic and mining industry adjustment, China Polaris will unswervingly boost a new round of entrepreneurship. Through adapting to the new circumstance, implementing new development and creating brilliant achievements, we would achieve the ambitious goal of creating a "high-tech benefit international mining group" and ranking the world-class mining corporations.

Adhering to the concept of "Life First" and "Environmental Protection Precedence", we regard employee safety and environment protection as our life. We would continue to increase investment in safety and improve the level of environment safety management, as well as promote the development of Green Mines and Ecological Civilization.