Mining Projects Introduction

China Polaris possesses many mineral titles in rare metals, precious metals, nonferrous metals, coal and nonmetallic ores with a specialization in mining development and financial investment.

 African Mining Projects Introduction

Nigeria is a country which is endowed with various resources and considerable solid mineral resources reserves. It is proved that there are more than 30 kinds of mineral resources with commercial exploitation values, such as oil, natural gas, coal, limestone, marble, iron, zinc and tin, niobium, tantalum, uranium, etc. There are about 3 billion tons of high grade iron ores, 2.75 billion tons of high quality coal mines and 42 billion tons of natural asphalts. The rest mineral resources have not been large-scale exploited except oil and natural gas.

China Polaris now owns many mineral titles in Nigeria. In the future, we will increase investment not only in the industries based on mining, but also the downstream industries such as steel, metallurgy, chemical, engineering, electric power and infrastructure construction fields which are under planning and will be put into implementation step by step.

 Domestic Mineral Projects Introduction

China Polaris is conducting exploration of large scale gold mines, copper mines and lead-zinc mines in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Yunnan province and many other places in China. The mines are located in the key metallogenic ore belts. According to the geological engineers, the mines under exploration have tremendous reserves. China Polaris Company is working with the local relevant government departments together to make the Chinese mining industry into international development levels.