About China Polaris

China Polaris is an integrated international enterprise specialized in mineral investment and development. Based on mineral resource development, mineral investment and financing, China Polaris is also involved in such industries as real estate, financing, health care, tourism, recreation, sport as well as international trade, committing to invest and develop projects comprehensively.

We are committed to provide energy and mineral products, mineral resources investment and finance service in global market. With years of efforts, China Polaris has established a complete operation platform in fields of geological exploration, mineral development, ore smelting, international trade, finance and investment in mineral industry. We have shaped a product structure of energy and resource, consisting of rare metals, precious metals, nonferrous metals and coal.

Since its foundation, China Polaris has maintained a continuous, rapid and leapfrog development trend. Through merger, acquisition, and risky prospecting, the scale of the company has been greatly expanded, striving towards becoming a mining enterprise with competitive edge in management and resources. In recent years, the international business strategy has been employed with which we are able to "Going Out" to explore a new model of resource allocation. So far, numerous investment projects have been conducted at home and abroad like Guangxi, Yunnan province, U.S and West African countries. We've also set up many subsidiaries and holding companies around the world.